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Lara provided fantastic care to our son, she understood him and his development needs straight away.  She offered great advice whenever I was unsure of myself as a parent or unsure of my child's developing behaviours.  Victoria is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of child development.  She is kind, an amazing listener and appreciates all children go through difficult phases as they grow.  Her assurances and reassurances on this have been good for me as a parent who often feels they are winging it!  Lara and Victoria have an incredible skillset that they can use to help you with any aspect of parenting or dealing with developmental behaviours.  They are warm and lovely people too so there is no need to be afraid of approaching them with any problem, big or small."


I have been fortunate enough to know Lara since my Son first went to nursery. She was also there for my
daughter when she went to nursery. My daughter is a very strong willed child, and Lara simply adored her. She engaged so well with her, and seemed to understand her much better than I did. Lara would take the time to sit with me and come up with plans that would help me at home so that my home life was not just full of tantrums and tears. She even went so far as to keep in contact with me after the first lockdown to make sure I was coping OK, and remind me of the strategies we had discussed. I always felt content
when Lara was there as she is a wealth of knowledge and such an amazing woman.  Victoria came into our nursery setting and pretty early on she was introduced to me, crying, in her office. Victoria always allowed me to cry and rant and was always there with a soft and understanding approach to make me feel like I was being heard and I was not alone. Victoria always gave me a safe space to be a mess, and always knew exactly what to say so that I left feeling so much better. Again, she seemed to pluck knowledge about every situation out of thin air, which made me feel better as she really had seen it and heard it all before."


Its the personal touch, its Lara managing a room of 15 children in a day and she still understood my child's personality and her little quirks. Lara listened to me as a first time parent, we had meetings about my baby being bitten by another baby and I still remember how impressed I was at how empathetically she handled what was a really tricky conversation, and how reassured I left feeling.  I have had meetings with both Lara and Victoria when facing issues that in hindsight seem so small but they both completely understood and gave us advice and coping strategies, we went to them before anyone else, even my parents because their input was invaluable, you just don't get that as parents.


Lara's advice and wisdom has had a hugely positive impact on my parenting, her approach is one of kindness and compassion and enjoying each day. Before Then I hadn't really thought about how precious each day with my boys is. She has also taught me to look at life through their eyes - and its really opened my mind, I'm a far more relaxed parent now, I have no hesitation in putting that down to her advice. Thank You


Victoria is calming, wise and professional, yet hugely personal to engage with. We once had a concern we needed to discuss and she listened wholeheartedly with open ears and a lack of judgement, only wanting to make things better. More recently with a non sleeping second child, Victoria has offered support and reassurance for a situation we lacked confidence or experience in. Gentle guidance without being interfering or bossy. Perfect. 

I can still clearly remember the warm welcome Lara gave my partner and I when bringing my first born to look at her baby room. The children were doing playdough and she quickly engaged with us, we were slightly nervous but her warmth, energy and professional approach struck us immediately. 2 years later Lara had been away from that cohort of children for some time but she re engaged with them so personally and wholeheartedly, she is absolutely a personality I feel thankful my boys have had the pleasure of learning from.