Why choose to have a parent coach?

Raising children is a challenge, it is arguably the most important challenge any parent will face and just as you think you have it sussed, things change – your child ages five years seemingly over night and all of a sudden you are back to where you started. I suppose the point being that if we consume ourselves entirely in issues such as sleep routines for example, we miss the rest of that period of our children’s lives, night after night being failed by trusted methods, spending day after day with a grouchy overtired child. Ask for help. Don’t keep doing what doesn’t work. That thick fog that consumes the air becomes part of the problem, the same with any other issue that causes immense stress. Children associate that scenario with the anxiety they know you feel, the sense that something isn’t going right. The same works in a positive way though, a parent coach can guide you in enabling little successes when you’re tackling issues, building your child’s self esteem and enforcing a positive association with the process, leaving them as smug as young Mason here.

The way we choose to raise our children is so deeply personal and sacred to us that asking for help isn’t easy, nor is it particularly represented in society. If it were as common as people having therapy or seeing a regular councillor, a parent coach would be an obvious choice for anyone trying to lead a less stressful life. Everyone around you and your child has their own opinion and personal connection to your life, so asking for help from friends and family isn’t always helpful, and to be honest a lot of people find it extremely irritating when parenting advice is offered at random; but how on earth are you supposed to know what you’re doing? It truly baffles me, I have worked in childcare my whole working life – luckily as otherwise my son would have had a very different start to life. Support after you are home and settled with your newborn is limited here in the UK and as long as your baby is feeding ok and all seems well you’re plunged into parenting head first. It wasn’t until I saw the the look of terror in my partners face when he held my tiny 6 pound baby son that I realised – most people don’t know how to do this.

Our children’s minds are being moulded constantly, not just by their direct experiences but by the indirect ones too, they watch how you treat yourself, talk about yourself, how you treat others…. The list is all encompassing. Choosing to work on something that isn’t working, showing your emotion but recognising it and actively seeking support isn’t failing, it’s the complete opposite as your children learn the power of process and perseverance. So whether you are just looking to learn a bit more about a certain aspect of parenting, or you have hit a solid block in the road, you have so much to gain from speaking to a parent coach. Parenting can be a really isolating journey without the right support around you, we can make a plan with you that gives you achievable targets to work towards and our online forum and Facebook groups provide peer support to those wanting to speak to a wider community.

Why do you need a parent coach?

You deserve a parent coach.

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