What can Hypnotherapy do for you?

Hypnotherapy has been used as far back as the ancient Egyptians, although Milton Erickson is seen as the grandfather of hypnotherapy as it became a recognized form in therapy in the UK in 1955.

Thanks to stage shows and stage hypnosis figures such as Paul McKenna, you’d be forgiven if when you think of hypnotherapy, you think of swinging pocket watches and clucking like a chicken. This all makes great entertainment, but hypnosis as therapy couldn’t be further removed from the bells and whistles of stage hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is a form of relaxation therapy that basically allows your mind to access the subconscious and influence it. Our brains are amazingly made and they have built in belief systems that have been wired throughout our whole lives. Our conscious mind has a filter to our subconscious to ensure that what we believe is true for us. Hypnotherapy is used as a tool to potentially change your belief systems. If you’ve constantly heard that you are not worthy of love, then that is what your subconscious believes as fact. Telling you that it’s not true won’t change your mind. However, by entering you into a deep state of relaxation, a competent hypnotherapist can bypass that filter and make suggestions to influence your subconscious, such as that you ARE worthy of love.

So, what can hypnotherapy actually help with? Well, here at The Parenting Place, Victoria, our resident hypnotherapist, has a strong interest in Hypnobirthing, stress reduction, anxiety and worry treatment, sleep difficulties, self-worth and belief and weight loss.

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be very successful in all of these areas. Victoria has completed the Easibirthing

training for hypnotherapy practitioners and will be able to guide you through your pregnancy, instilling not only a knowledge of the physical capabilities of your body, but also using relaxation techniques, the capabilities of your mind. Hypnobirthing can result in a more confident birthing mother who is calmer and more relaxed. Having a calm and relaxed body during childbirth not only allows you to be more on control, but also allows your body to work naturally, often avoiding any medical interventions. Hypnobirthing works closely not only with the birthing mother, but also with their birth partner, so that they can help to provide a calm environment where Mum is in control.

Hypnotherapy is a great way to relax. If you find relaxing hard in this constantly busy world, then we can help! Hypnotherapy has been proven to reduce stress, help to manage anxiety and worry, improve the quality of sleep, enhance self-confidence and also has been very successful in weight loss and weight management.

Victoria has a Certificate in Hypnotherapy and a counselling Skills from Chrysalis, which is Aim accredited. Victoria is also studying a Level 5 in psychotherapeutic counselling which she will complete in 2023. See our services page to book a FREE consultation!

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