How Hypnotherapy Can Help Children and Adolescents

Hypnotherapy is a gentle form of therapy to help with issues such as anxiety, sleep difficulties, stress, phobias and much more. Children have a great advantage when undergoing hypnotherapy, one that makes them even more likely to be successful with this form of treatment than adults, and that it their imaginations.

The imagination plays a huge role when working with hypnotherapy techniques and having a magnificent, creative and colourful imagination, as most children do, makes it so much easier for the hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy is somewhat based on visualizations. The therapist talks to the client, describing scenes of a relaxing nature, asking their subconscious to imagine themselves in situations that may seem highly unrealistic to the conscious brain. The younger a client (I work with ages 10 and up), the easier it is for them to imagine themselves in these wonderful, positive scenarios, where everything is going the way they desire, where their issues melt away and change becomes a reality.

Another wonderful thing about using hypnotherapy with children, is that it is a completely natural process. There is nothing for them to do except be completely themselves. For younger children a hypnotherapy session can look very different than a session with an adult. Whereas an adult would be still for the entire session, listening to the therapist, most likely with eyes closed, in a comfortable position, a children’s session can look like this but in shorter stints. The rest of the session may include drawing or moving around, imagining, but on a larger scale with movement and actions.

Hypnotherapy can help children with a wide range of issues, including (but definitely not limited to):

Anxiety / Stress

Sleep difficulties


Nerves (including exam nerves - hello year 11 and year 13!)

Self-confidence and self-esteem

I work with children in the most gentle way, incorporating my twenty plus years of experience as an educator of young children and a parent of now teenagers. If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy could help your child, or yourself, please get in touch!

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