Welcome to The Parenting Place!  I have had a career of twenty years in Early Years, originally training as a Primary School Teacher and then falling in love with Early Childhood Education.  I have worked with families in both the UK and USA providing care and education as a Nursery Practitioner, a Family Support Worker and an Education Director.  I have supported families in Downtown Brooklyn, New York as an Early Years Practitioner and Home Visitor and have cared for babies as young as 6 weeks of age.  I am passionate about building relationships with families to provide support and a feeling of community and together with Lara, we are here to create the village needed to raise our children.

I am a qualified hypnotherapist and work with adults and children, offering hypnotherapy for anxiety, stress, phobias, sleep difficulties and more. 



Co-Founder, Parent Coach and Consultant

A huge hello from me, as one half of our practicing duo here at ‘The Parenting Place’. I have over a  decade of experience leading teams in early years settings, caring for children from birth to  reception. I am Mum to my two-year-old son Mason who I share with my partner Ben. When Mason  turned a year old, we had recently become engaged and things were feeling enchantingly prosperous. Unfortunately, a month later I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer – not what I expected at 27. After an operation to remove a 6.6cm tumour, a further 5 operations, a respiratory  arrest, a tracheostomy (that thankfully was short term) and radioactive iodine treatment I was left  with vocal chord paralysis meaning my vocal chords were stuck in one unhelpfully closed position  across my airway. Fast forward two years and I am here, learning to thrive within my new  limitations. Supporting families, working closely with parents has been my passion throughout my career and although the path to get here has been tough, I can’t help but feel grateful to be setting  up ‘The Parenting Place’ - doing what I love with a dear friend.